We Don’t Do Trends. We Do Style.

Trends come and go like the seasons, but classic style stays timeless. Slow Fashion focuses on traditional and timeless pieces, on style, not trends. Unfortunately, Fast Fashion has a devastating effect on the environment; it’s time to be more thoughtful and intentional about how we purchase clothing. Slow Fashion is about designing, producing, consuming and living better.


The Perfect Outfit for any Fall Adventure

At Moriarty’s, we like to wear timeless pieces that last longer than a season. So it’s time to think about the Fall season and layers. We love comfortable yet functional clothes, stylish and timeless. So let’s check out this stylish outfit, perfect for Fall and many more seasons to come. Get noticed with this Beautiful Red Handknit Aran Cardigan matched with this stunning handknit scarf and hat. Handknitting is one of the oldest crafts. This timeless Aran Cardigan, Hat and Scarf was beautifully handknitted in the knitter’s own homes in Co Donegal in the North West of Ireland. Pair this look with Galway Boots and Leather Shoulder Handbag, and you are ready to go this Fall.

Traditional Aran Handknit Cardigan

This Cardigan features the traditional Trellis, Cable and Honeycomb knit patterns in 100% pure wool. With our wide experience of these cardigans we have yet to hear of one that wore out!

Handknit Aran Wool Scarf

This classic unisex Aran scarf is beautifully handknitted. It features the traditional Diamond knit pattern in 100% pure Irish wool.

Handknit Aran Wool Ski Hat

Our cosy handknit Aran hat is 100% pure Irish wool in the traditional ‘bainín’ colour. The knitters incorporate the trellis and tree of life stitches in this durable and warm hat, complete with pompom.


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