Cozy Winter Accessories

As the temperature is dropping, that means it’s time to start layering up your outfits. In Winter, you still want to be able to go on nice hikes and adventures on your weekends. Naturally, the proper clothing makes this possible. But let’s not forget about the importance of a hat and scarf, the perfect winter accessories for any outfit. Check out a selection of our hats and scarfs below.

Moriarty’s clothing range includes accessories such as luxury woven wool scarves, knitted wool scarves and hats. You can stay warm and cozy with these classic accessories made from 100% lambswool, merino wool and wool. These timeless pieces offer a sophisticated look that is versatile and stylish.

Moriarty’s is an Irish family business passionate about providing ethically sourced products designed and made in Ireland. We source out suppliers who aline with our values. One of these suppliers is:

Aran Woollen Mills

Aran Woollen Mills is one of Irelands largest home-based knitwear manufacturers offering the very best in both traditional and contemporary knitwear ranges and complementary products. They are located on Irelands wild Atlantic coast. Aran knitwear remains as much in fashion today as it did yesteryear. They create designs inspired by their unique environment to produce products that reflect the rich history of this beautiful part of the world. Aran Woollen Mills capture the authentic spirit of Ireland in their clothing ranges.

Check out these stunning range of Hats and Scarfs from Aran Woollen Mills


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