The Celtic Cross

The Irish Celtic Cross first emerged across Ireland in the early Middle Ages. The Irish Celtic cross is a well-known symbol of Irish Heritage. It is one of the most recognized symbols associated with Ireland. Moreover, it is a symbol that is deep-rooted in Irish history. 

According to legend, the Irish Celtic Cross was introduced by St. Patrick when he was converting pagans to Christianity. Then, the story goes, St. Patrick combined a Christian cross symbol with the sun, one of the most essential and ancient Celtic symbols of life, to form the shape of the Celtic Cross. 

The Irish Celtic Cross features a nimbus or ring that emerged in Ireland in the Early Middle Ages. A type of ringed cross, it became widespread through its use in the stone high crosses erected across the islands, especially in regions evangelized by Irish missionaries, from the 9th through the 12th centuries. There are at least 60 Celtic crosses left in Ireland today and many ruins.

The Celtic Cross has a deep meaning and represents faith, knowledge, strength, and compassion to help you through life’s ups and downs.

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