Legend of the Banshee


As we get ready for Halloween, the spookiest time of year, we decided to take a look at the myth of The Banshee, which is a big part of Irish folklore.

The name “banshee” comes from the Irish word “banna,” which means “a woman who calls out.” In fact, the sound that a banshee makes is believed to be similar to that of a woman crying or wailing over someone’s death.

In our Irish upbringing, tales of the Banshee’s mournful cries were plentiful. It was firmly believed that specific families were more attuned to the Banshee’s call than others. Instances of someone hearing her wail were widespread. Frequently, you’d encounter individuals recounting their experience of hearing the Banshee in the dead of night, only to receive the solemn news the very next day: a family member had passed away. Such eerie synchronicity lent an air of mystery to the already haunting legend of the Banshee.

Death in Irish mythology.

Death is a common theme in Irish mythology. The Banshee, for example, is a spirit who appears before the death of someone in their family. Banshees are usually described as female and travel through sound or smell (hence their name). They can also be heard wailing before someone dies; this wailing is thought to be caused by the soul departing from its body.

A banshee can be heard wailing near homes where someone is about to die.

This phenomenon has been recorded in many cultures and time periods; it was believed that the soul of the deceased would fly away to another world if not guided by an angel or saint.

The Banshee’s wail is a premonition of death and, therefore, should not be ignored by those who live near where she cries out for help.

The Banshee can appear in a variety of forms.

In some cases, she appears as an older woman with long white hair and red cheeks; at other times, she appears as a young woman with long black hair, blue eyes and pale skin. She may be beautiful, or old, or bird-like. Sometimes she is as simple as a cat or other animal that seems to have no human shape at all.

The Banshee has been seen in Ireland on many occasions since ancient times, and she is said to be the spirit of someone who died violently and very young. Terrible screams often accompany the appearance of this spirit as it flies through windows looking for its next victim!

The myth of the Banshee is still alive and well in Ireland today!

As you may have guessed, the myth of the Banshee is still alive and well in Ireland today. We hope you enjoyed learning about this fascinating Irish myth and that it wasn’t too spooky for you!


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