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  • The Skellig Michael

    The Skellig Michael

    As many Star Wars fans know, May 4th celebrates all things Star Wars. So we want to acknowledge this special day by looking at the history and the appearance of the Skellig Islands in the Star Wars universe. The Skellig Islands consist of two Islands, Skellig Michael and Little Skellig. Little Skellig is closed to the public and is a protected colony for the seabirds which nest there.

  • The Legend of Saint Patrick

    The Legend of Saint Patrick

    After two challenging years around the world due to Covid, Ireland has cleared the way for its first full public celebration of St. Patrick’s Day in two years. As we prepare with excitement to celebrate this special day, and with an extra bank holiday on March 18th to recover, we look back at the legend of St. Patrick.

  • A Celtic Love Story – Diarmuid and Grainne

    A Celtic Love Story – Diarmuid and Grainne

    Grainne was known as the most beautiful woman in Ireland, she was the daughter of Cormac MacAirt, Ireland’s High King. Grainne’s beauty was known far and wide, which caused her to be pursued by many of Ireland’s most eligible, Princes and Chieftains.

  • The Story of St. Brigid

    The Story of St. Brigid

    In Ireland, St. Brigid’s Day is celebrated on February 1st. It is the official first day of Spring in the Gaelic calendar and marks the end of winter. The evenings start to get brighter, and it’s a time for new beginnings.

  • The Claddagh Origins

    The Claddagh Origins

    The Claddagh is one of Ireland’s most recognized and precious images. Towards the end of the 20th century, there was an explosion of interest in the Claddagh Ring, both as jewelry and as an icon of Irish heritage.

  • The Celtic Cross

    The Celtic Cross

    The Irish Celtic Cross first emerged across Ireland in the early Middle Ages. The Irish Celtic cross is a well-known symbol of Irish Heritage. It is one of the most recognized symbols associated with Ireland.

  • History of Halloween

    History of Halloween

    Halloween originated in Ireland over 1000 years ago. It started as an ancient Gaelic pagan festival called “Samhain,” meaning “end of summer.” It took place between October 31st and November 1st.