The sweet smell of elderflower is in the air and we’ve been busy picking and making cordial. This is one of my favourite wild foods and something that you can never make enough of to last you through the winter!


For tips on identifying elderflower correctly see


We followed the following recipe on making great cordial.

1.3kg sugar

1.8 litres of boiling water

10 heads of dried Wild Elderflowers

50g citric acid

2 oranges

2 lemons

Put the sugar in a large bowl and pour on the boiling water. Stir to dissolve, then leave to cool for 30 minutes. Pull the flowers from their stalks. Put the sugar syrup, citric acid and sliced fruit in a large bowl or deep saucepan and add the flowers. Mix well, cover and leave to infuse somewhere cool overnight.

Strain the elderflower liquid through a sieve lined with muslin. Pour the liquid into sterilised bottles. Seal well and leave to cool. It should keep for up to a month in the fridge.

Drink the cordial diluted with some sparkling water for the perfect summer thirst quencher. Or just pop up to the restaurant and well do it all for you!!!