Future Plans


Moriartys Gift shop is located at the entrance of the world renowned Gap of Dunloe, near Killarney. Opened in 1964 by Michael and Margaret Moriarty the store predominantly operates in the coach tour market, welcoming visitors as they enjoy The Ring of Kerry tour. Over the years Moriarty’s has a earned a great reputation for it’s quality… both of merchandise and service.

2014 will mark the 50th anniversary of the shop. Today, the next generation of the Moriarty’s operate the store. Denis Pio and wife Ailish hope to mark the 50th anniversary by adding substantially to what Moriarty’s offer at their location.

Extensive plans have been finalised and the next step for Moriarty’s has begun!

A large garden is being developed along with a fantastic viewing area of the actual Gap. Planting has already taken place on this area and it will be ready for 2013.

A new concrete stairway has been constructed to allow the visitor up onto the raised area, to the rear of the current building. This area will offer the visitor the chance to learn about the beautiful view in front of them, with extensive information available under various headings… such as Geology/ History/ Story of Tourism at the Gap/ Flora and Fauna/ Lakes and Rivers/ Mountain Walks. These information points will be arranged around our planned garden, each one directly overlooking the Gap.

The next phase of developement will be to add a cafe/restaurant to our existing building. This is to be located on the ground floor, overlooking the garden and also the river which will become a more prominant feature within the garden. Also, an extensive ‘working garden’ will be planted. Here, along with 2 large Polytunnels, we hope to grow much of whats needed for the restaurant.

The remainder of the site will also be developed further over the next 18 months. Walkways through the garden and along the river will be added aswell as a children’s play area.

Exciting times at The Gap…!

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