We use a LOT of fresh mint here at the restaurant so naturally we decided to grown our own. Fresh mint is a really versatile and useful herb, and we use it in our salad dressings, garnishes, pesto and marinades.

For us it is also especially useful as mint’s highly aromatic leaves repel ants, white cabbage moths, and other pests that thrive on crops we have planted in the tunnel like cabbage, tomatoes, and broccoli.

It grows really easily – almost too easily –  and given space and water, mint will happily spread all over your herb bed, garden, polytunnel, raised beds .….wherever! The roots of the mint plant (properly called rhizomes) run under the soil and can send up shoots many feet away from the parent plant.  If you try to pull it, parts of the leftover rhizome still in the ground can form another plant.

This is how our ‘Mint Bath’ idea came to light. Essentially we needed a space where we could grow a plentiful supply of the herb without allowing it free reign to take over all of our veggie patch.  The old bath was taken out from a disused bathroom during our renovations last year, and we think it looks great in it’s new home!