‘Ciseog’ / Skib Basket


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Once used for serving the potatoes, the basket could be made as large as the family required and used to strain and serve the potatoes at the dinner table. The basket was then rinsed clean and hung beside the fire to dry.

Now it would be more commonly used as a fruit basket or wall art.

Each region of Ireland has its own design marking its origin, this one being the “Joyce country” Ciseog shown by its centre windows.

Each basket is handmade by Diane Carton from her own willow beds nestled in the heart of the Boggeragh Mountains of Cork, drawing inspiration from her rugged wild homeland and Ireland’s rich basketry history and heritage.

Please note that because of the handmade nature of this product & the use of all-natural materials, slight variations in colour & pattern may occur. Each item is truly unique!

The Ciseog baskets are available in Medium 12″ and Large 18″.

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