Lunch Pouch / Hamper Basket


Basket making is an ancient craft that weaves skill and time together. It is in its very essence, sustainable and in harmony with our earth.

The ‘Lunch Pouch’ with leather handles is the perfect size for water bottle or coffee cup, fruit & a sandwich.

Measurements:  17cm tall x 23cm wide x 14.5cm deep (Each leather strap is approx 45cm long)

Willow has been used for thousands of year as a material, purely natural and strong.

Please note that because of the handmade nature of this product & the use of all-natural materials, slight variations in colour & pattern may occur. Each item is truly unique! 

Each basket is handmade by Diane Carton from her own willow beds nestled in the heart of the Boggeragh Mountains of Cork.  Drawing inspiration from her rugged wild homeland and Ireland’s rich basketry history and heritage, Diane has been weaving and teaching for over 15 years.

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