Ballinskelligs Poultry


At Heather we are always searching for the best quality local ingredients, and we are very lucky to have some of the best producers on our doorstep.

We believe that by supporting small local producers we are not only reducing our food miles and encouraging sustainable agriculture, but we are able to provide our customers with the best quality dishes on our menus.

Our chicken, duck and duck eggs come from O’Connell’s poultry farm, Ballinskelligs.  In operation since May 2010, Paudie O’Connell rears his poultry by hand on his farm at Meeligoleen in this beautiful corner of the Kingdom. Their flock is allowed the freedom to roam approx 2 acres of free range meadow area, taking in the Atlantic air from morning to dusk (they are housed overnight for their safety). The ducks also have a large pond to swim in (as every duck should!) and plenty of natural food to find in the meadow.

Their egg laying ducks have been sourced from salmonella free flocks, and are tested every 15 weeks to ensure they stay that way.

There are no antibiotics or growth promoters used at the farm, preferring instead to keep the flock healthy by using natural remedies, good hygiene practices and as stress free a life as possible.

All in all that leads to a happy little flock and excellent quality eggs & poultry from Paudie’s farm to your plate.